The Best Internet & TV Package in Canada

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The Best Internet & TV Package in Canada

We talk a lot about the internet, but little did you know, we also provide TV content through Rally TV. Galaxy Fibre is the one-stop shop for everything you need to bring the best TV and fibre optic internet packages to your household, and the RallyTV app we will be launching soon is another offer you can’t miss out on. 

Rally TV: The Best TV Packages for Canadians

Rally TV makes watching TV easy, fun, and in control. The packages offered through Rally TV provide all the channels to catch the best live events, sports, and news. You can binge on the latest and most buzzing movies and TV shows, entertainment, family, lifestyle, and music channels for one, single affordable price. You don’t have to subscribe to different platforms, deal with dispersed providers, and purchase multiple TV sets. Everything is in one place, and you can curate the TV package that is perfectly suited to your taste and viewing preferences. You can easily go back and rewatch previously aired shows, record over 100 hours of TV to watch later, and watch live TV the way you want–pause, rewind, or restart. 

Rally TV Packages and features

TV channels for all tastes and generations

The Peak TV package is a fan favourite and includes both general-interest and popular specialty channels. With Rally TV, you can catch all the latest live events, sports, news, movies, series, entertainment, family, lifestyle, and music channels, all while bingeing on your favourite shows – and all for one affordable price.

TV channels you get with Rally TV

Premium TV offerings such as Crave and Starz are also available.

Any Sport, Any Time, Cheer On Your Team On Demand

Sports lovers can enjoy a sports night every day of the year with national and international coverage of all sports events through these channels.

Watch your favourite sports channels with Galaxy Fibre and Rally TV

Packages for niche tastes

RallyTV also caters to specific tastes and audiences. Movie buffs can rewind time and watch movies from all the way back to the 70s to this decade through the More Movies package. Content outside of North America is also available through Chinese and Francophone channels, in addition to international news add-ons.

With Lightning Fast Internet & TV, Galaxy Fibre Packs a Powerful Punch

Do you want bits and pieces of everything and a selection of channels from each package to create your own? No problem! RallyTV offers several add-ons to curate the package of your liking. 

We are excited to bring RallyTV to Brooks and will be enrolling subscriptions soon. Reach out to us for more information!

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