Digging and Drilling: All the Construction Developments to Bring Fibre Internet to Brooks

December 2, 2022

BrooksNet Building the Fibre Internet Infrastructure

Since June 1st 2022, BrooksNet has been laying the groundwork to transform connectivity in Brooks. It is building the infrastructure so households and businesses in Brooks can experience the best internet in the world—fibre internet. By building the underlying infrastructure for fibre internet, service providers such as Galaxy Fibre can utilize the infrastructure to commission and supply internet to residents. Crews are working on sites doing utility locates, excavating and hydrovacing to install conduit and fibre optic lines. 

Construction Zones

The latest construction project happened between November 16 – 25, 2022. The drilling and digging is continuing in Zone D and it’s almost over. Starting November 23rd, crews will be installing the fibre optic cables inside the conduit. Once the lines are installed and connected, we will be ready to light this portion of the network and get Brooks residents to finally use the network. We anticipate that we will have customers connected and online before the end of 2022. Other work that’s underway is installing network control equipment in the Point of Presence room and coordinating backhaul services that will connect the BrooksNET network to the internet.

You can check all areas that underwent construction here.

What this Means for the Residents of Brooks

Soon enough, construction will dissipate as fibre optic lines will cover Brooks significantly enough so that every household can enjoy the benefits of fibre internet. If you want to have fibre internet, you can sign up here, and expect the following:

1.  Galaxy Fibre is the Current Internet Provider

BrooksNet is building the infrastructure that commissions the internet, and we here at Galaxy Fibre are the current retail provider who will be providing the service, installation and support. Our team will reach out to you once you sign up to the presale. 

2. Choose Your Plan

You will have the option to choose the internet plan that works best for you from the plans we have available. We will be providing you with all the details and explain the different options available.

3. Book a Site Visit

The team at Galaxy Fibre will need to visit your household to ensure fibre internet can be delivered directly to your home. We pride ourselves on offering the technology that runs pure fibre internet directly to your home. This is the fastest, most reliable and effective internet connection you can have. 

In the meantime, for any questions you may have, please reach out to Galaxy Fibre’s support team at customercare@galaxyfibre.ca or call 1 877 727 3448.

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