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Benefits Of Joining Galaxy Fibre

Powered by BrooksNET

Powered by BrooksNET

partially owned by the City of Brooks.


Ultra-Fast Internet

with up to 2000Mbps upload and download speeds.

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Safe & Secure

network with non-stop internet for remote workers, e-learners, gamers and all.

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Customer-First Culture

is our top priority. Your success is our achievement.

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Increase Property Value

with fibre line connected directly to your home and future-proofing it.

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Say Goodbye

to low bandwith and lagging across devices.

Don't miss the opportunity to access the fastest internet in Canada, powered by your city-owned fibre optic network, BrooksNET.

Experience The Difference With Galaxy Fibre

Other providers of cable internet

Galaxy Fibre

Galaxy Fibre Internet is a fibre optic cable direct to your home. With Galaxy Fibre, your internet is only your internet.

Other providers

With other providers, their fibre cable ends before it gets to your home. It’s split, shared with neighbours, meaning multiple households compete for the same bandwidth and connection.

TV & Theme Packs Available

Rally TV, tablet and phone view

With Rally TV, brought to you by Galaxy fibre, you can now watch Live TV at home or on-the-go with our easy, affordable TV packages plus specialty theme packs for even more Live Sports, News, Movies and Entertainment.

Our TV packages start as low as $24.95/month. Check out our complete channel lineup HERE

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