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100% Pure Fibre Internet Straight to Your Home

Experience high speed and reliability of having 100% fibre optic internet directly connected to your home.

The Fastest Home Internet Technology

Get symmetrical high-speed internet up to 2 Gigabits per second with Galaxy Fibre’s direct-to-home 100% pure fibre internet. No more lag or interruptions, enjoy seamless video calling, streaming, and gaming anytime, even during peak hours.

Fibre Internet Connected Directly to Your Home

Galaxy Fibre uses the fastest and most reliable high-speed internet technology available. We connect fibre optic internet lines directly to your home, so the internet is all yours. This means you can stream, surf, and game without any interruptions.

Fibre Internet Connected to Your Neighbourhood

Slow internet that lags, interrupts, and frustrates you is the worst! The competition typically runs fibre optic cable to your neighbourhood but switches to existing copper wires for the rest of the journey, resulting in poor performance affected by the number of users and distance to the network.

Get The Full Power of High-Speed Fibre Internet

Fibre optic internet offers smoother streaming, faster gaming, and lightning-fast downloads. Upgrade for the ultimate online experience and enjoy HD streaming without buffering. That’s the power of fibre.
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The Fibre Advantage

The Community Network Advantage

Our mission is to provide faster and more reliable internet to underserved communities overlooked by big Telecom companies. We prioritize collaborating with communities and organizations that are embarking on the journey of building local fibre optic networks.

You get the best technology while supporting your community’s economic development.

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Galaxy 500



Download & Upload Speeds


Connect 15+ devices

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Free Wi-Fi 6 modem for faster connections

100% Pure Fibre to your home

Galaxy 1500



Download & Upload Speeds


Connect 50+ devices

Free Wi-Fi 6 modem for faster connections icon

Free Wi-Fi 6 modem for faster connections

100% Pure Fibre to your home

Galaxy 2000



Download & Upload Speeds


Connect 100+ devices

Free Wi-Fi 6 modem for faster connections icon

Free Wi-Fi 6 modem for faster connections

100% Pure Fibre to your home

Pricing varies by region. Click "Check availability" for plans and pricing options. Promotional offers, contract terms, taxes, and occasional price updates may apply. Contact customer service for details. We prioritise transparent pricing.

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Superior Service

Our friendly customer service is available by phone or email to assist you.

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No Hidden Fees

We want to keep things simple for you. All fees are made known to you ahead of time.

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Freedom To Choose

Full control to choose between no contract or contract at a discounted price.

What You Get With Pure Fibre

Faster Internet In Every Direction: The Galaxy Fibre Difference

Up to 100x Faster Uploads

Experience zero lagging and ultra-fast upload speeds. You’ll also get smoother video calls, an improved gaming experience, and uploading large files will feel effortless.

Do everything you need—faster and easier! 

Up to 15x Faster Downloads

Say goodbye to slow downloads and hello to lightning-fast speeds with up to 15x faster downloads! From movies to music to games, you’ll be able to download everything you need in seconds – so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the internet!

Up to 15x faster downloads

Full Home Coverage

Elevate your home network with our WiFi 6 Modem’s mesh network. With a mesh network you get multiple sources of connectivity throughout your home for a seamless internet experience, ideal for homes up to 2000 sq. ft. 

Need more coverage? Our WiFi Extenders have you covered, delivering wall-to-wall WiFi excellence.

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High Speed Internet Technology For The Future

As smart home devices become more popular, it’s crucial to have an internet connection that can keep up with the pace. With Galaxy Fibre high speed internet, you get the ability to eventually reach up to 10 Gigabits per second, while the current offering is already up to 2 Gigabits per second. 

The only hurdle holding us back is that most of our devices can’t handle such blazing-fast internet speeds yet. But with our fibre optic network, you’ll be ready for the future of connected living.

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Did you know we have TV?! Starting as low as $24.95/month

Now you can enjoy all your favourite TV shows on all your devices. You can stream LIVE TV and enjoy all the hottest TV series, live sporting events, the latest news from around the world, movies, family entertainment and more!

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Get a Stronger, Faster, 100% Fibre Internet Connection

Faster in Every Direction
The Galaxy Fibre Difference

Brooks Alberta

“Galaxy had good customer communication via email before the setup. Our wifi was up and running the same day as the install, and our connection is much faster than with Telus.”

Brooks Alberta

“Before subscribing to Galaxy Fibre, I used to receive daily complaints from my kids about the sluggishness of their devices. Galaxy Fibre has created a peaceful, complaint-free household for us. It's faster, more reliable, and less expensive than our previous provider, and it includes access to a user-friendly customer portal.”

Brooks Alberta

"Great speeds with no noticeable downtime and a very fair price compared to the cartel of other providers. I'm getting five times the speed for the same price as my previous service. It's a no-brainer."