Gaming & Your Internet Connection: 22 Common FAQs Answered

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Gaming & Your Internet Connection: 22 Common FAQs Answered

Ever wondered if your Formula 1-worthy fibre internet is overkill for your gaming setup? Or perhaps you’re scratching your head over how much data Rainbow Six Siege really uses? Buckle up, gamers and speed enthusiasts, because we’re about to answer the most asked questions about gaming and the internet. Let’s dive in!

Is fibre internet good for gaming?

Yes, fibre internet is the perfect choice for gaming. It offers blazing fast internet speeds, low latency, and rock-solid stability. It can handle multiple devices without breaking a sweat, making it ideal for gaming households. Plus, it’s future-proof, ready to meet the increasing demands of next-gen gaming.

What is a good internet speed for gaming?

A good internet speed for gaming isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, but here are some general guidelines. 

  • For download speed, aim for at least 3 Mbps for single-player games. 
  • If you’re into more intense, high-resolution multiplayer games, you’ll want something in the ballpark of 15-50 Mbps. Keep it above 1 Mbps on the upload front for a smooth experience. 
  • If you’re a streamer, bump that up to at least 5 Mbps. 

And let’s not forget latency; anything below 20ms is virtually lag-free, but up to 50ms is generally acceptable.

Can a gaming router increase internet speed?

Absolutely, a gaming router is like the traffic cop of your digital highway, directing data packets efficiently but not increasing the speed limit set by your ISP. What it does best is Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization. This ensures that your gaming data gets VIP treatment, moving ahead of other less urgent data like standard browsing or downloads.

What is the best internet router for gaming?

Undoubtedly, Asus leads the pack in gaming routers with standout models like the GT-AXE11000 and ROG Rapture GT6, offering top-tier speed, range, and customization. TP-Link also throws its hat in the ring with the Archer AX11000 and Archer AX50, providing robust features and performance.

Does internet speed matter for gaming?

Internet speed matters for online gaming, but not for regular games that don’t require an internet connection.  For online games, internet speed is the unsung hero of your gaming saga. 

It’s not just about how quickly you can download a game; it’s the backbone of your entire gaming experience. A fast download speed ensures you’re not stuck staring at loading screens, while a solid upload speed ensures your in-game actions are registered almost instantly on the server. And let’s not forget latency, the round-trip time for data between your device and the server. Lower latency means less lag, keeping those frustrating game freezes at bay.

How good is Starlink internet for gaming?

With speeds that can hit the high notes up to 200 Mbps and latency that’s usually more rhythm than blues, it’s a decent choice, especially for those in rural areas. But it’s got its off-key moments, like when the dish switches satellites, causing brief interruptions that can throw your game offbeat. So, while it’s not the rockstar ISP for every gamer, it’s worth a listen if you need a better connection.

How to improve internet speed for gaming?

Ready to turbocharge your gaming experience? Here are some high-octane tips:

  • Upgrade Your Plan: If you’re still on that basic internet package, it might be time for an upgrade. More Mbps equals less lag. Better yet, get yourself fibre optic internet. 
  • Use Ethernet: Wireless is convenient, but a wired connection is the VIP ticket to speed and stability.
  • Optimize Router Settings: Dive into your router’s settings and enable Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize gaming traffic.
  • Close Background Apps: Your bandwidth is like a pie; don’t let background apps eat up your gaming slice.
  • Update Firmware: Keep your router’s firmware up-to-date for optimal performance.
  • Ping Test: Regularly check your ping to ensure you’re getting the lowest latency.
  • Switch Server: In-game, choose the server closest to you for lower latency.
  • ISP Shopping: If all else fails, it might be time to switch ISPs for one that offers better gaming packages.
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How much internet does gaming use?

Online gaming consumes about 50 to 300 MB of data per hour. Sounds manageable, right? But wait, there’s more. If you’re downloading new games or updates, you could be looking at a whopping 40 GB or more. Streaming your gameplay? Add another 3 GB per hour to the tally. So, while the core gaming itself is relatively light on data, the extras can turn it into a data feast.

Is 100 GB of internet enough for gaming?

Yes, 100GB of internet is enough for gaming. But if you’re downloading new titles, streaming, or have other household activities eating into that data, you might find yourself on the edge of a data cliff. 

 In case of a situation like this, you might require a better internet plan for gaming. 

Is 150 GB internet enough for gaming?

For most gamers, 150 GB of internet is a comfortable zone. You can download a few new titles, indulge in some streaming, and still have data to spare for other online activities. 

Is 5g internet good for gaming?

5G offers solid perks for gaming, with low latency and quick download speeds.  It even lets you game on the go, whether you’re at a friend’s house or a local café.

But when it comes to top-notch performance, fibre optic still takes the crown. It provides a more stable and reliable connection, making it the go-to choice for serious gamers.

Is cable internet good for gaming?

While it may not wear the superhero cape that fiber does, cable still packs a punch with its lightning-fast speeds and rock-solid reliability. It offers speeds that can easily handle most gaming needs, from casual play to more competitive environments.

But here’s the catch: it’s not as consistent as fiber, especially when multiple devices are connected. You might experience occasional lag or slower speeds during peak hours. 

Is satellite internet good for gaming?

While it can handle some online games, particularly turn-based or strategy games, satellite internet may fumble with fast-action, multiplayer scenarios. The culprit? Latency. The dreaded delay between your action and the game’s response can turn a surefire hit in a shooter game into a glaring miss. 

Satellite internet’s latency is inherently higher, often hovering around 70ms or more, making it a less-than-ideal choice for games that require quick reflexes and real-time interaction.

Do internet boosters work for gaming?

Yes, internet boosters spread the signal across your home, ensuring every corner becomes a potential gaming hotspot. But here’s the plot twist: not all boosters are created equal. While wireless ones offer the convenience of easy setup, they might add a touch of latency to your gaming sessions. Wired boosters are another story, minimizing lag and ensuring your gaming hits all the right notes.

Does gaming slow down internet?

The short answer is not really, but with a few caveats. Online gaming itself is surprisingly light on bandwidth. So, your epic battles shouldn’t be why your sibling’s Netflix stream is buffering.

But the plot thickens when you add game downloads, updates, and live streaming to the mix. These activities can consume significant bandwidth, turning your gaming from a background character into the main villain of your home network’s performance saga.

How to test your internet speed?

Ready to put your internet to the gaming test? 

  • Pick your testing tool—,, and are the go-to options. 
  • Prep your device by closing extra apps and pausing downloads. 
  • Hit “Go” or “Start” on your chosen tool to measure download speed, upload speed, and ping. 

How to get gaming internet in rural areas?

Your best allies here are Satellite and Mobile Hotspots. Starlink is the rising star, offering decent speeds and lower latency than traditional satellite options. If you’ve got solid 4G or 5G coverage, a mobile hotspot could be your secret weapon for gaming. Just be mindful of data caps. 

If fibre is what you’re after, Galaxy Fibre is expanding high-speed internet to underserved areas like Brooks and White River. If they or other companies haven’t reached you yet, consider satellite or mobile hotspots as your current best options.

Can internet speed be too fast for gaming?

There’s no such thing as “too fast” when it comes to internet speed for gaming. It’s like having a sports car; you might not always use its full potential, but knowing the power is there when you need it certainly feels great.

Is your internet upload speed a factor for online gaming?

While download speed usually steals the spotlight, upload speed plays a crucial supporting role. It sends your in-game actions to the server, like firing a weapon or executing a move. In essence, it’s how quickly your game reacts to your commands.

For most online games, you’ll need an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps for smooth gameplay. However, if you’re into competitive gaming or live streaming your epic battles, you’ll want to aim for higher—think 5 Mbps or more.

How much internet does online gaming require for PS4 and PS5?

PS4 and PS5—the console cousins that share more than just a family name with PC gaming when it comes to internet appetite. Whether you’re battling it out on a PlayStation or a PC, the core online gaming experience is strikingly similar in its modest data consumption, usually hovering between 50 to 150 MB per hour.

But again, downloading, updating, and streaming are the hungry beasts demanding most of your bandwidth.

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How much internet does r6 siege use?

Rainbow Six Siege—a tactical playground where every megabyte and millisecond counts! When it comes to data usage, this game is like a stealth operator, consuming a surprisingly modest 60 to 75 MB per hour. 

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